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  • charles ogilvie

    charles ogilvie

    Energy sector, UK politics, cryptocurrencies, art world chatter + wolf dogs

  • Julien Meyfret

    Julien Meyfret

    Talk to me about AI, Machine Learning and Robotics. I'll talk to you about Customer experience and Client servicing in Financial Markets. Views are my own.

  • Africa Stop Over

    Africa Stop Over

    Diaspora Crowdfunding & Remittances / African SME Fundraising

  • Phil Crow

    Phil Crow

    Software, Sport, Idle Musings retweets != endorse, views my own.

  • Kris Whitehead

    Kris Whitehead

    Director of Operations, Cogentiv Solutions, Inc.

  • John Kaweske

    John Kaweske

    John Kaweske is a Colorado Springs-based entrepreneur focused on sustainability, biotechnology, and renewable energy.

  • Michael P Adams

    Michael P Adams

    travel, intelligence, hiking, photography, environment; entrepreneurial endeavor; SEO/content, marketing/collaboration, GCI, retweets are my responsibility

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