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Why is our planet’s climate changing and what can we do to mitigate it?

What causes climate change?

What is the greenhouse effect?

We investigate some of the ways nature and technology can enable us to remove more CO2 from the atmosphere than we emit. The 6th post in our series ‘Powering to net zero’.

How can we remove CO2 from the atmosphere with nature-based solutions?

Why we need to reduce and remove our carbon dioxide (CO2) output

Why does decarbonisation matter so much?

How energy dense sustainable biomass wood pellets can help us generate the renewable electricity we need to reach net zero. The 4th post in our series ‘Powering to net zero’.

However, by compressing organic matter like wood, forest residues and sawdust into energy-dense pellets, the resulting biomass can be used for heating or renewable bioenergy generation at a much greater scale.

Why are pellets so powerful?

Powering to net zero

Exploring how sustainable biomass can deliver negative emissions. The 3rd in our series ‘Powering to net zero’.

Why does BECCS matter so much for decarbonisation?

In the second in our series ‘Powering to net zero’, we look at how planting more trees could help limit climate change.

At its simplest level, reforestation is the technical term that describes the process of planting new native trees in a wooded area where the number of trees is going down. It literally means ‘re-foresting’ a location.

Why do reforestation and afforestation matter so much?

In the first of our series ‘Powering to net zero’, we examine the energy source that will enable our carbon negative future.

How do we use biomass?

New technologies are already reducing and sequestering emissions

Reducing emissions from the construction industry

Low-carbon steel manufacturing?

The carbon capture technologies that can help decarbonise industry and create jobs.

It will also need more specialist technology. …

Technology and space exists to store CO2 underground for at least 10,000 years

From extraction to insertion


World leader in #biomass #tech, the UK’s biggest #power station & biggest single #renewableenergy generator, Drax is Europe’s largest #decarbonisation project.

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